Mediocredito Italiano originated as Mediocredito Lombardo, the public-law body founded in Milan in 1953 with the objective of encouraging the economic development of Lombardy by means of specialised and personalised financial solutions for medium-sized and small enterprises.
Thanks to their dynamism and vitality, SMEs have played a crucial role in the Italian economy - nonetheless, it was traditionally difficult or awkward for them to obtain direct recourse to capital markets.
The contribution made to Mediocredito Lombardo by CaRiPlo was decisive both because it conferred the majority of endowment capital and because it made a technical, organisational and financial contribution, determining for its activity. The area of operations, legally constrained up until 1977 to the regional area, gradually spread to embrace the whole of Italy.

1953            Establishment of the "Credit Institution for medium-term financing to small
                    and medium-sized industries in Lombardy", or "Medio Credito regionale
                    Lombardo" for short. A public-law body authorised by Ministerial Decree
                    on 5 May 1953

1982            Change of legal name into "Mediocredito Lombardo".

1991            Mediocredito Lombardo transforms into a company limited by shares

1997            Mediocredito Lombardo incorporates "Mediocredito Abruzzese
                    e Molisano"

1999            Mediocredito Lombardo incorporates "Mediocredito del Sud S.p.A."

1999-2000   Acquisition by the Treasury Ministry of 53.23% of the capital of Banca
                    CIS S.p.A. (Credito Industriale Sardo).

2000            Constitution of "Banca Intesa Mediocredito S.p.A."

2001            Change of legal name to "Banca IntesaBci Mediocredito S.p.A."

2003            Change of legal name to "Banca Intesa Mediocredito S.p.A." or
                    “Intesa Mediocredito S.p.A.” in short form

2008            Change of legal name to "Mediocredito Italiano S.p.A."

2014            Constitution of the Corporate Finance Centre within Intesa Sanpaolo:
                    Mediofactoring SpA incorporates Leasint SpA (which had in turn
                    incorporated the leasing branch of Neos Finance SpA and Centro
                    Leasing SpA), Mediofactoring SpA (which had incorporated Centro
                    Factoring SpA) and Agriventure SpA.